Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not Your Average Fairytale

With SS'16 season shows long gone and over with, I wanted to do a recap of a trend I noticed for the season. Exaggerated sleeves, elegant fabrics and the best shapes to cater to a woman's beautiful body. I called this an "Urban Fairytale" because the designs are so now but with an elegant twist that we aren't used to seeing for Ready-to-Wear pieces. Well, I could be wrong but once you take a look at what I'm talking about hopefully we get the same vibes! 

All of the peices are one of a kind yet each portray that "Urbanesque" feel. HaHa I'm not even sure what that means! (you know how us fashion bloggers get with our terminology ;) ) 

Anywho, take a look and let me know what you think of the trend here:








































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 I felt like all these looks could go in the same show and be cohesive just because of the similar trendsetting. Although, Gucci blew me away with their manufactured silhouettes, PURE GENIIUS!

Do you think you will incorporate the "Urban Fairytale" trend? Let's chit chat in the comments !! 

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