Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Tips before Cyber Monday Shopping‼️

For those of you who missed my periscope, I talked about three tips you need before going cyber Monday shopping! 

1.) Sitewide Discounts: 10-50% off entire site for example.

These are the best sales because you ultimately save a lot more than only saving in certain areas. Just because accessories are a percentage off doesn't mean that's the only item I wanna save on! 

2.) Shipping is a deal-breaker

As a bargain shopper, just like anyone else participating in a holiday specifically for sales, I want free shipping! If I can't get free shipping I feel as though I'm being ripped off. How am I saving if shipping is still $20 bucks. 

The only exception to that would be a reasonable flats rate for shipping. It is up to what you feel is reasonable on that one...

3.) Don't expect to snag anything you knew was popular

I'm sure that if you were shopping a hot item, you would have been sure to participate in cyber weekend deals or made sure that you already have one waiting for you to purchase. The worst thing is to see an item you've always wanted on sale for dirt cheap but it's sold out! 

It's okay, if your item is gone, keep calm and shop on until you get something worth snagging this #cybermonday

Well, that's all folks... 

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