Friday, October 23, 2015



Eye-catching outerwear is truly important during these colder seasons, therefore I present to you this week's #vitalvogue ! My favorite part of fashion is and always will be street fashion. It shows us how truly creative we are just from what we put on in the morning. A perfect day for me would be people watching and flashing pics of wonderfully dressed pedestrians in Manhattan, HaHa! Seriously though! Anywho, (my fave word) I feel that outerwear is the most important garment because most of the time you can't even see what a great outfit you have on because of your overcoat! Just by making a statement with your outerwear you create a mystery about yourself. I know if I see a great jacket, I wanna see what you're wearing under it to know if you've really got style. LOL 

Have you purchased any great outerwear for the cooler seasons? If not, the jackets above are available for your purchasing needs! ALL under 199.99 ;)

Kate Spade trench coat

Monki white jacket
$72 -

Plus size jacket

Long coat

Rain coat
$72 -

Glamorous brown jacket
$69 -

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