Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#HMxBalmainNation Preview Showcase (launches 11/05/15)

As most fashionistas(os) have been wondering, what is EXACTLY going to be available for purchase through H&M? When I think Balmain, I never would have thought an H&M collab, but why not?! I'm sure both parties are benefiting tremendously... Any who, a few hours ago LIVE on Periscope and Twitter us fashion freaks were able to view the preview for the HMxBalmain collab and were we in amazement? Uhh, yeah! 

I mean, these are just a few pieces I put together, imagine what the show looked like!! 

Well, if you missed it... I have screenshots from the LIVE showcase on Periscope (woop woop!) 

***Disclaimer: please excuse the terrible quality of these images, the only reason I decided to post them regardless of the quality was because I would NEVER keep my readers from something so exclusive ;) Enjoy!***


Be sure to be ready to purchase Nov 5, 2015 Worldwide!!! Also, check out price points for the HMxBalmain collection at nycshopguide.com or google and find a site on your own! 

Hope you get a chance to snag something 11-5-15 

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