Monday, December 30, 2013

Leaving the Past Behind: What Trends NOT TO BRING into 2014

Here lies the trends from 2013 that may have been hot before but absolutely will NOT be next year. From sneakers heels to Uni-brows I am out done!! LOL These items made the list because they must go. ENJOY and throw out anything in your closet that resembles any of these.

1. Sneaker Wedges .. Wedge Sneakers... Whatever the hell they are! I've Hated them since day ONE!

2. The Givenchy Kilt trend.. I admit it was kinda dope and also sort of unusual. Nevertheless, let's leave it in the past!
3. Overly Shaded Brows.. Now these are a hot mess! A little less drama will do.
4. America's Favorite boot! I hope that these wont be on the feet of any fashionista's next year unless we are traveling and need a cute warm and comfy boot. THAT is the only time these will be acceptable. HAHA

5. The Herve-Leger or "Bandage Dress" for us not-so-rich fashionista's.. This was cute while it lasted, but at this point it is over-worn and played OUT!

With that being said lets continue on with some of our super cool and TRENDY TRENDS from electric hair colors and two piece outfits!  like THESE below and more...



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