Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inside @DivineMinds Clothing Co.

I came across the Divine Minds clothing line very randomly just like some of the other lines I feature, but unlike the others, there is something very special about this line in particular. Here's the story... 

"There's 3 People behind the line,

1. Dommy "Lil $tink"
Pepperell,MA | 19 years old

2. John "Party God"
Hudson,NH | 20 years old

3. Tony "Beau Péna"
 Fitchburg,MA | 20 years old

The line was created and birthed in February of 2013 & then launched in June 2013 releasing its first items which are the Loyalty tanks." Dommy tells me. 

Below Dommy shares with me the meaning behind the name of the line:

"The name "Divine Minds" comes from the concept of one being their own God, Being Divine means you are Godlike and then your Mind is obviously your mind, Being a Divine Mind is all about promoting good vibes and positive energy, we firmly believe in a better world by steadily making the right positive impacts in your community. We are building a family of people that believe in the message and are spreading it in their communitys. With over 500 sales in 6 months of production Divine Minds is heading towards an immaculate 2014. Flying out to California, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York to name a few, for filming music videos and putting the clothes in various boutiques. Currently we're sold in "Mass Apparel" in Boston and online at our website TheDivineMinds.com "

He also shared the inspiration for the clothing line, which is what sets this line apart from the others! " The inspiration comes from the passing of our big brother Anthony Ciccone..." Anthony Ciccone is Dommy's brother. After his brother's death, Dommy chose to honor his brother's life rather than mourn it! Awesome right? What other motivation could be so strong? I see great success for Divine Minds!! 

FYI: Not only does Divine Minds create clothing for you... they make music! Clink the link below to listen 

To read the super inspiring article on Dommy's brothers' passing and how it inspired the line, click here http://www.nashobapublishing.com/ci_24188236/brothers-death-causes-teen-think-legacy

Enjoy a few pics of the lines designs...

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