Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Seasons, New Hair!

Since a few years back we've been seeing celebs, to tumblr famous people changing their hair colors to an extreme that it is almost normal to see someone with blue or purple hair. Crazy right? These technicolor hair-do's will have everyone breaking their necks and if you're daring enough, you'll try it!

If you absolutely are not daring enough (or just not interested in your hair possibly falling out, jk, not really, lol) You can try this AWESOME product called Hair Shadow. Yeah, it's like make up for your hair! A super cool semi-permanent, chem-free dye that will completely wash out when you are ready to stop being risky! I love this eye-dea haha lame I know, but this is really cool! I am assuming it shows better or brighter hair so even if you take the risk to dye your hair blonde you can have chemical free ombre ends!

Get ColorSmash HERE for just $10/each! 

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