Sunday, September 6, 2015

Style Rewind: Blurb from the Blogger

No, this is not a post about how fashion trends from the past are coming back to life in today's style! *Although, history does repeat itself and the same thing goes for fashion;) ANYWHO, this post is about closing our eyes and remembering a fashion moment and thinking, "I wonder what I'd wear if I could redo this moment?" Today, I'm gonna share my moment and what I wish I had worn. 

My moment, which isn't gonna be much different from others I'm sure, is prom! I wore (pictured above) a #JessicaMcClintock polyester mini dress, in bubblegum pink and asymmetric pleats and details. The dress itself was gorgeous! But it just didn't express the real me! I was so young and creative and I wanted my dress to express that, but my moms budget wouldn't allow it. I'm not saying my mom was dirt poor, but she had four kids and two going to prom at once! (I have a twin sister) My mother did the absolute best she could to get our dream dresses, but for daydreaming purposes I want to imagine having had my perfect prom dress. 

Pictured above is my dream prom dress! All I had to google was #SherriHill and the year I went to prom (mind your business lol) and there is was! All bedazzled and slightly lingerie-ish, but it was perfect in my eyes. This dress is still pretty perfect to me but I always love to look back and know my mom did the best she could to get me something close to what I wanted. All in all, I still think about how great I would have looked in this dress , lol and the fact that I went alone which wasn't so bad because the dance sucked, but the festivities afterwards... Well that's another blog post ;)

Until next time... Let me know some of your own #styleRewind's below, or to be published on #MBYB as the next #StyleRewind email xx

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