Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back2School w/ @HerschelSupply

With school starting today (last week for k-12) I am sharing some fun back to school outfits that you can try out this school year! School was never an exciting time for me, only my senior year when it was time to get outta there! I was so happy when those years were over, but now I kind of wish they were still here, lol. Although High School was a drag and college STILL is, I made a point of getting up a bit earlier to make sure I looked good that day! With that being said, make sure you use this time wisely and make the most of being in school because we tend to take even the smallest things for granted so enjoy your freedom, don't abuse it! And highschoolers, don't take 90% of what happens in Highschool to heart... There's much worse shit that's gonna happen as the years go on :) soooooo For this back to school post, I included the coolest must have school supplies and the coolest backpack/travel goods manufacturer @HerschelSupply Herschel Supply & CO !! Ladies and Gents I hope you're ready to get some inspo and tell me what you think below!

Here's to a successful school year and many more to come! xoxo

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