Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Party Continues!

Today I have two more awesome costumes that can be made from the stylish peices in your closet! I'm sorry this post didn't show up yesterday, it should have but I was having technical difficulties ( another reason I am purchasing my own domain very soon! )

Anywho, try and bare with me while I upgrade my blog and you guys will receive all of the goodies in return :)

Be a beautiful ballerina with a full skirt, strappy shoes, a leotard and a floral or wreath type headband for a complete dance look.

Be a preppy geek with this cool yet intelligent look! The suspenders, eyeglasses and bow tie are a must! The khaki's and button up could be switched out of course, but to get the complete nerd look, don't forget the tape for the bridge of your eyeglasses. :)

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