Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The MBYB Halloween Party!

Today into Halloween this Saturday, October 31,2015 I will be posting great DIY costume ideas from the stylish clothing you already have or that you can purchase! I'm calling it the MBYB Halloween Party and ALL OF YOU are invited!! This segment will include men and women costume ideas, so share with friends or keep them all to yourself for all of the cool Halloween parties you were invited to...
Today's costume- 80s Baby!!

Ladies, get this fun look by pairing your have track shorts (must be high waist to perfect the look), a simple sports bra, pretty much any sneakers and a track jacket! I know thrift stores will have the matching sets but it's so much more fun to go all out and piece together a stylish 80s baby fit for this weekend! 

Fellas, grab your favorite joggers and bucket hat for this look. All you need is a great looking gold chain replica (or your own of course), some vintage shades and a bomber! If you can find one with a sports team on it, even better! Also, you can't forget the most important part of the outfit, the Adidas. The classic all white or white with black stripes is the way to go! Have some supercolor adidas? By all means, rock 'em! I mean the whole point is to bring your own style into the costume, and dressing as an 80s baby I say the more color the merrier! 

Both looks can be purchased by going to and clicking the sets to pull up the links for each fit. 

Stay tuned for more halloweenspiration :)

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