Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trend Checkup: FA '14/ W'15

The falls trends for this year are so many things, but one word can describe them as AMAZING! I am absolutely in love with the "no limit" vibe I get from fashion nowadays. I feel that people are expressing themselves through fashion so much that it is becoming an art. Something that both genders can truly have in common. Do you guys get this same feeling from the fashions that have been produced lately? Well I hope you do, and I hope you are taking your confidence and showing it through fashion especially since confidence is always in season ;)

After doing some research I came to find three major trends that should be in your closet for Fall '14 into Winter '15. Below I will post some inspiration pics for each trend to help you out when you go shopping! I hope you all enjoy..

1. The not-so-basic, basics

2. Proper Headgear

3. Super Stylish Outerwear

I hope that everyone could relate to this post SOME HOW and take it to the stores and put these trends to work! REMEMBER you don't have to pay thousands to look great and in style... All of these inspiration photos came from Forever21 and Urban Outfitters and more of these same styles for a lower price can be found at Tj Maxx or Target! 

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