Saturday, February 8, 2014

Launch is TOMORROW! Doesn't it feel like Christmas?!

With the launch coming up very soon (Some HOURS to be exact!) Kyia tells us some super convincing facts that have definitely inspired me to want to spend my whole check on these pieces:

"Why shop Uptown Girl Trends??? You should shop UGT because we are making it our priority to provide our ladies with clothing that you can wear every day at affordable prices. Also, most of the pieces we have are exclusive to Uptown Girl Trends™! No other boutique or clothing store has our "Queen of Queens" crew neck! It is a UGT exclusive! So shop with us, we promise you won't be disappointed!" 

Stay Tuned until tomorrow to see an exclusive FINAL POST! 

IG: @KyiaKyia @UptownGirlTrends
Twitter: @AskYourBFabtMe

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