Saturday, February 1, 2014

8 Days to Go! Uptown Girl Trends @askyourbfabtme

TODAY! We are getting into Kyia's own personal style and what you should expect to see on the online store for purchasing. :) When asked "How would you describe your style?" Kyia wanted to share this with the readers:

"I have one word to describe my style; VERSATILE! I wear whatever I am feeling like at that moment. I definitely dress for the occasion, whatever it maybe. "

She makes getting dressed in the morning sound so easy! Well, she is effortlessly fashionable! & In order to own a boutique you need some style right? Looks like she's got it all! 

As much as I know you all want to stare at our beautiful feature's physique and style all week, we've got to get down to business. Here are some things to get excited to shop for on opening day!!

"Here are some items you can expect to see exclusively at Uptown Girl Trends™"

S/S '14 $22

"Queen of Queens" Crewneck $20

Loop Vest $30

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