Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pop Up Shop: Katy Eary S/S '13

I kind of just discovered Katy Eary by looking on twitter and seeing Big Sean in one of her newest pieces earlier this month from her S/S '13 collection. I fell in love instantly because her style of clothing is like artwork! From her choice in fabric to her extreme color schemes.. there's nothing you can dislike unless you just aren't into fashion AT ALL! Below are only a few pictures from her website of the new line including the jacket that Big Sean (also pictured below)  was spotted in. ENJOY!

Big Sean @ GQ's "Men of the Year" Party

Although the pricing is in Euros and Big Sean can afford it, so can you! There's some pretty cool items on the website for 125 euros (which is $162 in USD) and I think that's sort of affordable for the person with a paying job and not a rapping career. haha... Shop HERE!

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