Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#DetroitWeek: Shop iRockout Apparel & Accessories! @iRockoutNikki

"The main goal is to reach as many people as possible to break the fear of acceptance. ! iRockout was created to represent the individual who is never afraid to express themselves in an abstract manner. 
As the creator of the brand, I aspire to encourage everyone to love, laugh and live. These 3 things cost nothing but can be worth everything. With no fear of expression, you can leave a mark on the world with your own uniqueness."

Look! Another hot line from a Detroit Native. Although she resides in ATL now, Nikki (Owner/creator of iRockout Apparel and Accessories), her hear remains in the city of Detroit. "The name came as a joke that was made about me. People always say I live on the edge and don't really care what people think. So, I just said its because I rockout! Then I just named the company that to reflect my freedom of expression." Nikki explained, after I asked about how she got the name iRockout. iRockout is a ONE woman army, which makes it even better and inspires me to get my line up and started on my own :D. iRockout started as a jewelry line and now she has apparel! Nikki tells me that the accessory line launched July 2011 and the apparel line launched August 2012. That alone shows how much of a hard worker she is! ..Enjoy some of her most recent merchandise below!

Motto: To be DOPE, is a standard. To remain FRESH, is an effort. To ROCKOUT, is a simple lifestyle. 

Shop iRockout Apparel HERE! ..also, follow the owner/creator, the FABULOUS @iRockoutNikki

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