Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FF x @Oliver_Glass: Amazing Designer #OTW

I recently got the chance to talk with Mr.Glass and learned about his amazing line FF by Oliver Glass! The name comes from "fast forward" and was launched in Peru, Glass tells me (which are also his stomping grounds![where he lives LOL]). Also the line launched two years ago in 2010. WHY AM I JUST NOW FINDING OUT!? was my first thought, then I remembered... better late than never :D. "Five people at most" is what Oliver Glass told me about how many people were behind the FF by Oliver Glass line. FF is that grunge, edgy and chic line that everyone can get a piece of and adore it! I,myself, certainly enjoyed learning about the line especially when Oliver Glass went on to say that the goal for FF by Oliver Glass was "Party and Freedom". Two amazingly simple, yet powerful words to live by. Sounds cliche' but it's so true! LOL. Oliver Glass has an awesome energy about him that is so refreshing for the fashion world. Remember his name because this may be the first but certainly not the last time you will hear it! I know that I always post clothing lines and say I love them and hope you guys enjoy too, but I would never post something that my followers or I would not benefit from. This line is simply amazing just by the images I have seen (which are below). Like I always say, I hope you enjoy the peak at FF by Oliver Glass!

If you fell in love with Oliver Glass just by his clothing do not delay! visit HERE! and follow @Oliver_Glass RIGHT HERE! Feel free to contact him via twitter to tell him how much you love him, haha. You can also support him via HERE! xx

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