Monday, July 2, 2012

We wish you a @MerryAutumn! ...wait, huh?

(from left to right... Federico, Caterina and Francesco)
Merry Autumn, such a chic name with a great meaning. "The name comes from the day when the project was officially born, September 23, 2008, the first day of autumn. Autumn, from that time has become our favorite season." Federico tells me, half of the brains behind the Merry Autumn brand. Don't you love the story behind the name? I adore it! There are two people behind the Merry Autumn line. There is Federico and his partner Francesco. "I am responsible for the design and production," Federico says, "he (Francesco) is responsible for marketing and promotion of Merry Autumn." The line launched in 2008 but of course as time went on the line has updated in many ways.
Below are pics of their most recent products!

Like what you've seen so far? wait until you see the tutorials! :)

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