Monday, July 23, 2012

THE @DIRTLABEL : Men and Women's Apparel/Accessories

So I ran into this really cool store, or boutique is what I like to call it earlier this month, and the best part is it had opened early June so you guys wouldn't know about it until I blogged it. :) LOL... I contacted the owner and got the story behind this dirty line! Owner, Chris "Critty" Morris who is also the Head Designer, tells me that there are two other people behind the dirt label, Sean McElrath and Jason Cage who run the marketing for the line. "We wanted to make a Mark in the Fashion Industry to Stand out and we figured what better way to stand out then with Dirt," Chris explains, and standing out is exactly what they're doing! Check out some of their pieces below.

These tees are so cool and these aren't even the coolest ones! Imagine a website where you can get the freshest tees in the city! The Dirt Label Launched three years ago and now there is a store that is as cool as the site. Chris tells me that the main goal for The Dirt Label is that, "We wanna continue to make Dope Quality products!"

The Dirt Label Flagship and Apparel Store: 319 Washington Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48067 Not in Michigan? Visit the online store HERE Follow @DIRTLABEL Here!

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