Wednesday, June 27, 2012

@HappenClothing on the rise!

Happen clothing, a "one-man operation" Valentin Saqueton (above) tells me, owner and creator of the line that launched January 2012, but "'s been in the works or at least the idea of starting a brand/project has existed far longer than that," Valentin explains. The name Happen, "which has several meanings, one is, to come into being." Valentin told me that he felt it was "appropriate" because it directly described him. "I thought this was appropriate because the whole thing manifested through my initiative to have my own unique exist in the world as well as through my impatience in waiting to dive right in." As you can see, he is clearly an artist that takes his work seriously! He also has some recent releases such as the one below.
I hope that the story behind the line alone is enough to make you guys want to go and purchase some of his clothing. Enjoy the pics below and also Follow @HappenClothing and visit the site at the link below! :D
Visit and Shop HERE!

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