Monday, May 7, 2012

The RO Collection: Urban Fashion at its FINEST!

Mr. Romello Truitt, 23 year old Dallas, TX native and creative designer of "The Ro Collection", started his line in 2005 which was then reestablished in 2009 when he moved to Hollywood, California! " The name RO came from myself (ROmello). Many people think the word "Collection" came from the fashion term but its really just the ability to collect anything, whether it is art work or tee shirts." Wow! Smart AND creative? Ro's inspiration for his line are "the people around me and those out there who aren't scared to express their personality through style and the way they dress..." Who wouldn't be inspired by his line alone! I'm inspired and pretty much ready to start a line of my own. :D So if you're ever in Cali, hit him up.
[He also designs women's clothing!] Shop The RO Collection @RomelloSmello

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